Eurotrip - Manarola, Italy and Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, our final stop in Italy before we hop over to Scotland. For Danée, this location was a must. She learned about Cinque Terre in college and fell in love with it, sadly thinking that she would never get the opportunity to actually visit. With that being said... this portion of the trip was extra special! 

So for those of you who haven't heard of Cinque Terre, it may be because it is not one location. Cinque Terre is a group of 5 small villages along the west coast of Italy. We chose to stay in Manarola because we heard it was one of the better villages, but not too touristy. Being that it was technically "slow" season (early November), there wasn't a ton going on in any of the villages, which was kind of cool, because there weren’t many other people either. Additionally, we were able to secure a really amazing place to stay at a great price (woohoo). 

The really cool thing about Cinque Terre is that there are trails up in the mountains that connect all 5 of the towns. So for us, that was right up our alley. For those of you who are a little less adventurous, there is also a train that runs along the coast and takes you to and from each village. We actually ended up taking the train back to Manarola the evening of our hike because it was getting a little to late to hike back.  And to be 100% honest, we were pooped from hiking all day. 

If you are planning a trip to Cinque Terre, here are our brief thoughts on each village. 

Monterosso, Italy - Biggest city and most touristy. Definitely has the most to do if you are looking for activities... including the nicest of the beaches. 

Vernazza, Italy - Cute, a little more quiet than Monterosso. If you like little Italian boat rides, go here :). 

Corniglia - Italy - Lots of great places to eat. Seemed like one of the smaller and more quiet villages. 

Manarola, Italy - Plethora of shops and places to eat. Coolest Italian vibe. Lots of amazing views! We are very happy we chose to stay here because it was definitely our favorite. 

Riomaggiore, Italy - We didn't spend a lot of time here to get a good feel for the town. Overall vibe is very similar to the other 4 cities. 

To say the least, Cinque Terre is positively on our list of places we would go back to. We were actually just chatting recently about how nice it would be to go back in the summer months! If you go, make sure you eat a LOT of gelato hehe. 

Happy Traveling.

Eurotrip - Rome, Italy

We originally had no intention on making a stop in Rome. But, we needed to make a stop somewhere between Southern and Northern Italy on our trip back North. Our first little piece of advice... don't drive a full sized car in Rome!! If you have ever been there, you know what we are talking about. I am pretty sure there aren't any defined lanes. More or less, a free for all with A LOT of traffic and A LOT of scooters zooming in between cars. 

Since we were only in Rome for one evening, we decided just to hit a couple touristy spots and then have a nice relaxing evening. After finding a place to park (good luck with this lol) and getting checked into our bed and breakfast, we headed out for some food. Nick, being a car/motorcycle guy, saw a Ducati cafe and it was a must stop for some quick food. From there we were headed towards The Colosseum. We were unaware of what time they closed and luckily made it JUST in time. We literally were the last ones through the gates as they were closing for the day. That being said, no new visitors were coming in. People were only leaving, which made the normally packed tourist attraction quite a bit more enjoyable as we pretty much had it to ourselves by the time everyone had to be out. From there, we were headed back to the b&b, but had to stop for a beer on the way. That evening we ended up heading back out for dinner in the Campo de' Fiori area.

Overall Rome turned out to be an amazing little stop with a ton of history. If you are passing through, it's definitely worth the stop for a couple of days.