Baltimore with the Edmundsons | Easter 2016

Baltimore family trip for easter.

Sorry this is coming a little (ok a lot) late. For Easter the Edmundson family traveled to Baltimore (where nick's sister was living). Here is a summary of our shenanigans. 

  • Lots of awesome coffee
  • Selfies with Sam Hurd (in case you are the 1% of the population who doesn't follow him (
  • Ice Cream.. YUM
  • Walking around downtown eating and drinking... all day.
  • More selfies
  • Night shots with the d750, with no flash
  • Stopping in at a random bar, ending up parting for a 50th bday party, and making new friends for life (yes, it's facebook official)
  • Easter Brunch!
  • Gobs and gobs of quality family time, and a random duck. YAY!