Don't Quarry, Be Happy | Dayton OH Photowalk | Oakes Quarry Park

Over the weekend, we decided to drive out to Dayton Ohio to meet up with some fellow creatives. A lot of us met for coffee to chat and get to know each other, and from there we drove to a nearby quarry to wander around creating amazing new art, memories, and friends. Eastlyn and Josh arranged the whole thing, and WOW... What an amazing turnout they had.  This old rock qyarry and even older dried up body of water was suddenly a sea of photographers. Fun fact... 400 million years ago this place was under the sea!! WHAT?! 

We cannot wait to participate in another one of these adventures. It was so refreshing to meet tons of new people, and to be inspired by everyone's unique sense of artistry. 

Thank you Eastlyn and Josh for organizing the event... And to all of you who were there... Thank you for being awesome!! We had a blast!!