Eurotrip - Rome, Italy

We originally had no intention on making a stop in Rome. But, we needed to make a stop somewhere between Southern and Northern Italy on our trip back North. Our first little piece of advice... don't drive a full sized car in Rome!! If you have ever been there, you know what we are talking about. I am pretty sure there aren't any defined lanes. More or less, a free for all with A LOT of traffic and A LOT of scooters zooming in between cars. 

Since we were only in Rome for one evening, we decided just to hit a couple touristy spots and then have a nice relaxing evening. After finding a place to park (good luck with this lol) and getting checked into our bed and breakfast, we headed out for some food. Nick, being a car/motorcycle guy, saw a Ducati cafe and it was a must stop for some quick food. From there we were headed towards The Colosseum. We were unaware of what time they closed and luckily made it JUST in time. We literally were the last ones through the gates as they were closing for the day. That being said, no new visitors were coming in. People were only leaving, which made the normally packed tourist attraction quite a bit more enjoyable as we pretty much had it to ourselves by the time everyone had to be out. From there, we were headed back to the b&b, but had to stop for a beer on the way. That evening we ended up heading back out for dinner in the Campo de' Fiori area.

Overall Rome turned out to be an amazing little stop with a ton of history. If you are passing through, it's definitely worth the stop for a couple of days.

Eurotrip - Positano, Capri, and Amalfi Coast - Italy

Stop number 3 on our 5 week Eurotrip was Positano, Italy. We heard from a lot of close friends that Positano was hands down their favorite place in Italy, so we were super excited to get there. We stayed at a beautiful, family owned, bed and breakfast built right into the side of the mountain (check it out here -> The b&b had amazing views in both directions and the staff was super nice! 

Rather than a looooong paragraph of what we did, we'll break it down to the highlights in bullet points. Then you can get straight into the important part, the photos :). 

  • We stayed in an amazing room with even more amazing views! wowzers!
  • We walked up and down a LOT of tiny curvy roads with cars and scooters vrooming all over the place. 
  • We got lucky and got tickets over to the island of Capri (if you are in this area, DO THIS, IT'S AMAZING!). 
  • We got a private boat tour of Capri and saw the blue grotto, the green grotto, and a whole bunch of other grottos.
  • We hiked the "Path Of The Gods" along the Amalfi coast. If you like hiking, add this to the list while your in the area. It takes a few hours but the views!!! OMG!! So worth it. Plus, burning a few extra calories never hurt (just make sure to reward yourself with a beer afterwards).
  • Lastly, we love cats!! That is all :)!

Again, if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments at the end of the post. We are more than happy to answer any travel questions you might have if you are thinking of planning a trip to the Amalfi coast and/or Positano.