Yosemite National Park Elopement


3:30am - We wake up and hit the road

4:30am - We arrive at the trailhead of Taft Point in Yosemite National Park and meet Kiki and Avram. 

5:00am - We arrive at Taft Point and Kiki and Avram start getting ready for the most magical intimate elopement!!

When we say magical, it is such an understatement, and we are pretty sure there are no words that can describe how amazing this entire experience was (hence why we included lots of photos to tell the story). 

Kiki and Avram anxiously got ready cliffside in the near pitch black. And just as the first light started to show itself, we started with a few portraits of the two of them. The goal was to take photos all the way up until just before sunrise and then have their ceremony just as the sun popped out. It turned out that our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Their officiant, Carole, showed up right before sunrise and we started the intimate elopement they had always dreamed of. They cried, Carole cried, WE CRIED! It could not have been more perfect. There was something so special about their ceremony and knowing that the rest of the world was sound asleep while they quietly said "I do". 

We are so grateful and blown away that we get to be a part of such beautiful moments with amazing humans. Kiki and Avram even asked us to be their witnesses and sign their marriage license (such and honor).  They actually got married on the longest day of the summer, summer solstice. What better way to celebrate a marriage than with champagne and summer solstice beer :). 

The moment we left, we were immediately hoping for another email to come in, which would take us back to Yosemite National Park for another intimate wedding or elopement. Seriously so in love with this place. 

Kiki and Avram, here’s to a long lasting friendship. We hope to share a beer with you again in the near future. Cheers!


Princeville Kauai Elopement


When Tara and Nic first reached out to us and told us about their wedding plans, we seriously had to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming. Their original plan was to take a boat to the Napali coast of Kauai, swim to shore, camp for 4 days on the beach, and get married one of the days.They wanted us to be part of the whole journey. 

Unfortunately, Kauai got some pretty nasty rain storms which flooded the North side of the island, leaving the spot they had planned to camp and get married at no longer accessible. Hearing the sad news about the flooding and landslides in Kauai hit pretty close to home for us. Not many people know, but we were supposed to get married in Big Sur, CA. But right before our intimate wedding, Big Sur basically slid into the ocean. We went back to the drawing board and planned a last minute wedding in the Seattle area without ever seeing where we were getting married until the day before. This was a very similar case for Tara and Nic. After talking to them the week leading up to the wedding, we found out they just altered their plans a little bit, and still had an absolutely amazing intimate wedding on Kauai. 

Now on to the wedding. Tara and Nic rented a gorgeous house on the North side of the island of Kauai in Princeville. Just like the original plan, they wanted us to be a part of the whole wedding journey. Nic picked us up from the airport, and he even slept on an air mattress so that we could have our own room at the house where all of their family and friends were staying. WHAT?? WE ARE NOT WORTHY!! They treated us like FAMILY. We ate together, we drank together, we laughed together. We even went to Costco together!

Their wedding day started out with a morning sunrise hike to look for a tide pool to swim around in for a bit. We then scouted the ceremony spot real quick with the bride and groom. They picked a little slice of Heaven. A secluded beach with gorgeous views. We then headed back to the house to eat some brunch and get ready for the wedding. I will let the photos speak for themselves instead of telling the rest of the story in words. But this entire day was perfect and we cannot thank Tara and Nic enough for including us in this amazing event. It’s pretty awesome when your clients are amazing humans and become real friends for life! See you guys in Maui real soon ;)!!!