I’m so freakin happy you’re here. I am a Florida native, UCF alum! I am a natural redhead, and I live up to the stereotype so watch out! I am a newlywed, and I’m married to a goofball that has been my best friend for 7 years. I’m irrationally afraid of alligators, and I am a licensed yoga instructor!

One day, my husband and I packed up what we could fit in our car, and drove to Washington to start a new life. So, I now live in the PNW with my sweet, goofball husband, my friends who became family, and my really naughty Portuguese Hunting Dog named Tasha. I may call Washington home but I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places. I fall in love with a piece of every place we travel to: the blue Adriatic on the coast of Croatia, the towering Swiss alps, the lively culture of Barcelona, and the quiet and ancient desert of Moab. This is why I decided to throw myself into a passion that taught me to find beauty in everything, and make new friends everywhere I go. I love photographing people in awesome places, I love seeing how people’s love stories just fill them up. And I love seeing each person bloom before my very eyes, and lens.

Lexi’s tidbits:

  • Popcorn is my favorite food.

  • My full name is Alexandria and I grew up as Alex. I changed it to Lexi 7 years ago when I met my husband... who is also named Alex. 

  • I love dogs. All dogs. All the time.

  • I have a Harry Potter scar tattoo. 

  • I used to work at a behavioral hospital. 

  • You want me on your team for "The Office" trivia.